From diesel to electricity

LEMAN launches new green initiative for pharma trucks

We are constantly working to improve our climate footprint, and a new initiative means that we can now cool our many pharma trucks via plug-in power on several European parking places instead of previously, where the cooling machines were cooled via the diesel engines.

LEMAN has entered an agreement with the company NomadPower, which offers charging stations around Europe. During the already required stops, our drivers can thus plug the cooling machines into the power socket instead of keeping the important cargo cooled using diesel engines.

In addition, we have also installed several charging stations at our existing sites, which are also used instead of diesel.

Switching from diesel cooling to electric cooling for parked trailers saves up to 10 tons in CO₂ emissions per trailer per year.

A positive side benefit of switching from diesel cooling to electric cooling is that our drivers can switch off the diesel generators when they park the truck and spend the night somewhere, and this reduces the sound considerably to the delight of both the drivers themselves and the people and animals around them.